Belle Gibson’s 60 Minutes interview laced with lies infuriates the public

By Maria Kyriacou

Image courtesy of 60 Minutes
Image courtesy of 60 Minutes
Tara Brown cut Belle Gibson no slack during her grilling of the disgraced The Whole Pantry cookbook author and APP creator.

Belle Gibson continued to spin her web of lies in a reported $45,000 cash-for-comment interview with 60 Minutes last night, drawing the ire of the public for continuing to benefit financially from her unabashed dishonesty.

As Tara Brown pressed Gibson on what she described as her ‘version of her reality’, the ex-miracle remissions guru continually tripped up, stammering incredulous responses.

Seemingly incapable of answering even the simplest questions honestly, the healthy 20-something couldn’t even give a clear response about her age.

Gibson’s duping of the media and tragically vulnerable cancer patients, began in 2013 with an Instagram post. She told her followers she was a young mum who beat stage four brain cancer by the Gerson diet and unconventional therapies. The Instagram account which has had all posts deleted still has 174k followers, most who came along to support her on her healing journey or to be inspired during their own very real struggles.

Rather than using the interview as an opportunity to come clean and ask for forgiveness the former Elle “Fun, Fearless Female Award” recipient stuck to her line of, “I didn’t have cancer or a brain tumour, so my story of miraculous survival was not true. But I thought I did; I wasn’t deliberately deceiving anyone.”

Asked about the missing $300,000 in funds she had procured from ‘her community’ for cancer charities she insisted that she had every intention of handing the funds over but blamed again passed the blame onto her accountants, who she said were taking too long to sort out her complicated finances.

Reports from Royal Prince Alfred Hospital in Melbourne exist to disprove that Gibson had any health issues, and was aware she wasn’t suffering from brain cancer way before her lies were exposed, despite her protestations.

Gibson denied she was suffering from any mental illness such as Munchausen Syndrome or Factitious disorder. She insisted she was a victim who had ‘lost everything’ from her successful APP and book deal with Penguin for her cookbook The Whole Pantry.



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