Optimise Your Sleep with 7 Essentials for Better Rest


Optimise Your Sleep with 7 Essentials for Better Rest
You’re guaranteed to have a good night’s sleep if you have these items and features in your bedroom.

Soft lighting

Bedrooms should be more focussed on natural light during the day and softer, darker light during the evening. LED bulbs may be more energy-efficient, but try to keep them out of the bedroom as they can make it harder to fall into a restful mood.

Lower the lights gradually as you inch towards bedtime, ending with just a candle. Dark drapes will stop you waking up too early or throughout the night from light outside your window.

Technology-free zone

Allow yourself to switch off by removing all electronic distractions from the bedroom such as televisions, computers, radios or mobile phones. Technology like smartphones and alarm clocks emit a blue and invasive light that disrupts our natural melatonin production. If you are unable to rise with the sun, then set an alarm clock that isn’t backlit and keep it on the floor, or as far away from your head as possible.

Calming colours

Bedroom walls, decor and bedding are the most sleep-inducing and restful when they are decorated in soft and muted colours. Light blues, greys, whites and lavenders as well as simple patterns like stripes or ombres – as opposed to loud wallpapers – are all the most conducive to sleep.

Relaxing scents

Apart from being an olfactory treat, essential oils can also have numerous therapeutic benefits. It’s important to note here that it is only the essential oils that have a therapeutic effect. Oils labelled ‘fragrance oils’ or ’aroma oils’ are usually synthetic and do not contain the numerous components that enable the healing action of essential oils.

Citrus-based scents should be kept out of the bedroom at nighttime, as they act to invigorate the senses, rather than relax them. Filling your room with relaxing scents like lavender and neroli have a far more calming effect on your mood and can assist in quieting the brain. A vase of fresh flowers, a soothing scented candle, and calming linen sprays will all help to send you off to dreamland.

Cosy and comfy

Avoid fussy or uncomfortable details on your bedding like beading, sequins or scratchy materials. Linen sheets keep cool in summer, while flannel is warming for winter. Cotton percale is recommended if you love the feeling of crisp sheets. Opt for soothing colours for your bedding. Investing in a soft cashmere throw will keep you cosy on a winter’s night.

How to create an inviting bedroom

Suitable flooring

Consider carpet or a rug beneath the bed for that plush underfoot feeling in the morning. It also helps to muffle noise. If allergies can keep you awake at night, it’s best to avoid a carpeted bedroom.

Create a soothing environment

Appeal to the subconscious with matching pairs to create symmetry. Add plants, art or photos of nature for a calming environment. Keep clutter at bay with well-matched cabinets, draws and storage. Choosing a bedside table with closed storage will help prevent items you keep by your bed from distracting you in the night. Ensure you have a dedicated laundry basket or bin to prevent worn clothes piling up around the room.


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