Beauty How To: Estée Lauder New Dimension Shape + Sculpt Face Kit

Unlock the secret to chiseled cheekbones, sculpted jawlines and slimline features with EstĂ©e Lauder ‘s New Dimension Shape + Sculpt Kits.

How to use New Dimension Shape + Sculpt Face Kit

Cream Contour

1. After your apply any foundation, powder or concealer, apply the cream contour colour starting by the hair line close to the ear and draw a slight line towards the corners of mouth.

2. Using your finger, gently blend the contour in an up and down motion till sculpted effect it achieved. Repeat this step until the contour is as dark as you desire – Shape + Sculpt is designed to be layered.

3. Using your ring finger, blend a small amount of the dark cream contour on the side of nose from the tip to the brow and gently blend. Repeat on the opposite side of your face.

4. Using your index and middle finger gently blend the cream contour colour from jawbone to just under the chin blending upwards.

Cream Highlight

5. Using the sponge, apply the cream highlighter atop of the arch of brow, down the centre or bridge of nose, in a straight line from apples of the cheek moving up and out towards the hairline and a dab on the chin. Blend using your fingers until even.

6. For extreme highlighting or a “strobe” effect, skip the cream contour steps and begin by applying your foundation/concealer to the face as usual. Then, apply a generous amount of the cream highlighter on the highest point of your cheekbones over your foundation/concealer. Next, dust the entire face lightly with powder but “double up” the amount of powder over the cream highlighter on cheekbones to set. Lastly, bounce the sponge once more over the cheekbones depositing any remaining cream for extreme highlight and shine.

How to use New Dimension Shape + Sculpt Eye Kit

1. Using your finger or the applicator brush, gently blend the primer from the inner corner to the outer corner of eye and from lash to brow. Make sure to fully blend the primer so it “sets” on lid or the other products will not adhere.

Cream Highlighter

2. Using your finger or brush, apply the highlighting cream on the inner corners of the eye, just under the inner bottom lashes, under the arch of the brow and on the center of the eyelid.

Powder Contour

3. Use the brush and apply the contouring powder starting at the outer, top lash line following the natural hollow of the contour bone in a half moon shape. Stop when you get close to the inner first 1/3 of the eyebrow. Use any left over powder in the brush to lightly define the outer ½ of the lower lash line.


TIP: For added sculpt and definition, do above contour steps before your foundation and once more on top of your foundation, powder and concealer after. Do NOT apply powder over cream highlighter.


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