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Autumn beauty checklist

Autumn beauty checklist

Now that autumn has officially set in, it's time to start re-thinking your beauty routine and address those summertime beauty sins that you may be paying for now.

Autumn beauty checklist

Let’s face it, after summer has passed, many of us choose to neglect our once thorough warm-weather beauty routine.

As the cooler weather sees us retreat into layers of sweaters, stockings, boots, beanies and gloves, we are all guilty of being lulled into a false sense of beauty security – with many choosing to neglect the parts of our bodies that are no longer on show.

To add to that, all that sun, sand, surf and partying from summer has left our best assets looking and feeling flat. But it need not be that way especially when the urge to shed some skin hits us on those amazingly beautiful warm autumn days.

So, we’ve compiled a guide for addressing some of the change of season damage to keep you looking your best, no matter what the season:

Parched skin

If you were naughty during the summer season, chances are you may be experiencing some rough to the touch skin. Consider a facial or peel or try an athome facial scrub or exfoliation followed by some intense moisturising. This will also help to clean out the sunscreen and sweat that has clogged and enlarged your pores over summer. Most importantly, remember to stay hydrated at all times; while you may not feel the need for H20, your body still needs it, so keep a bottle handy at all times.

Fake tan ban

Step away from the fake tan; put that can or cream down! Over the last three months you’ve had layers upon layers of the stuff slathered or sprayed over your body and chances are your skin is starting to look patchy. It’s time to embrace your skins natural glow by de-tanning and de-toxing. You can find products for tan detox at most department stores, so get scrubbing, If you can’t afford the ready-made product, try using baby oil and a loofah until you can wave every last patch of that tan goodbye.

Rough feet

Those gorgeous summer sandals and flip-flops sure had a through work-out this year. While you may choose to forgo the salon pedicure this season in favour of your much-loved pair of woolly socks and boots, don’t forget that special event or stiletto-wearing occasion that could be looming. Rather than hiding your scaly feet in shame, invest in a foot file or pumice stone and use it daily after showering, to scrub the dead skin away. Moisturising a rich cream into your feet before you jump into bed will also ensure your tootsies look their absolute best, and make the transition into the warmer months a less embarrassing affair.

Dry lips

Invest in a rich balm that will keep your lips soft and kissable throughout the coming months. But, keep in mind that just because it may smell or look good, it doesn’t necessarily mean it is the best product to keep those lips staying hydrated and supple all day long. Another great trick is to gently rub your toothbrush over your lips when brushing your teeth in the mornings. This will promote new skin cell regeneration and clean away dead skin.

Lacklustre hair

Salt-water or chlorine from all those summer days, as well as the harsh effects of the sun have left your hair dry and brittle. Now is the time to address this ‘hairy’ problem before the frosty winds and indoor heating get to your lovely locks. Douse your crowning glory in a rich conditioning treatment, mask or oil. Your hair colour may also be leaving much to be desired. Brunettes may be looking dull and blondes may be regretting those sun-kissed highlights, try updating your look for the change of season transition, with a visit to your colourist or salon.

What are you best change-of-season beauty tips? How does your beauty regimen change during the cooler months? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below, or join the discussion on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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