Beauty and Brains – One Truth 818 Serum

Stopping the ageing clock might seem impossible, but Dr Bill Andrews – who’s often referred to as ‘the man who would stop time’ – has unlocked the secret to reversing the signs of ageing. Andrews, a molecular biologist, has spent the last few decades researching the human enzyme telomerase and the powerful role it plays in ageing and disease. Over time telomeres on the tips of chromosomes become shorter but when telomerase is added to cells, the tips of chromosomes can actually increase in length. Rachael D’Aguiar, the founder of One Truth, quickly realised the impact that Andrews’ research could have on the beauty world. One Truth 818 Serum harnesses the anti-ageing power of telomerase using TAM-818 – a potent compound created by Dr Bill Andrews and his team over 11 years – to produce telomerase inside the cells. Clinical trials of the serums have shown a decrease in wrinkles by 14 percent, improvement of skin firmness by 20 percent and elasticity by eight percent within 30 days of use.




Instagram Round-up: The Best of NZFW So Far

We are so incredibly happy post show tonight! A very very grateful thank you to all who helped us bring it together ❤️ @turtlenecknz @kiekies__ @maccosmetics @tommystayton @mattbenns @stephen_marr @originalmineral @childlaborfree @pullman_auckland_hotel @beat_pr ❌ image via @krystalboydpriest #nzfw #nomd #REM

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Day 2 – confetti shower by @andreamooreco ⚡️ #nzfw #fashion #style #NZFW15 #andreamoore #thepoem

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@twentysevennames kicking off Day 2 of #nzfashionweek in the rain this morning ☔️☔️ #fashion #style #nzfw #twentysevennames #stilllife

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