Beautiful curves


NIVEA brings you the shape of beauty, MiNDFOOD reports.

From simple creams, powders and soaps to revolutionary products for both women and men, skin care for the face and body has seen dramatic changes over the past century. Body and skincare brand NIVEA has been part of this change, growing its original product range to the full spectrum of face and bodycare products catering to every skincare need. 

Developed in 1980 by German company Beiersdorf, NIVEA is a global brand. The skincare development side of the business began in 1911 when Beiersdorf developed a water-in-oil skin cream, which was named NIVEA, from the Latin word nivius (snow white). 
In 1924 Beiersdorf revamped the NIVEA brand and introduced the modern blue and white packaging that all products feature today.

The NIVEA body range, which offers skincare products that nourish and hydrate the whole body, was unveiled when NIVEA Milk was introduced to the market in 1963. This year the NIVEA body range celebrates its 46th anniversary and, like its millions of users across six continents, the brand wants to keep attracting admiring glances. For this reason the product packaging has undergone a rejuvenation process to embark on the biggest relaunch in Beiersdorf’s history.

International sculptor and designer Volker Hundertmark was chosen to design the new packaging and create something that encapsulates the beauty of NIVEA products. With his flair for flowing lines and harmonious forms, Hundertmark designed a feminine silhouette – a curved shape that reflects the beauty and emotion of the female form. “I started with an abstract sculpture that can only be recognised as the female silhouette,” Hundertmark says. “The curved shape of the bottle represents women all around the world and, most important, how women look when they feel beautiful and confident.”

The new product design is modelled across the full NIVEA body range, however, the highly effective and much-loved formulas remain untouched.



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