Beat the COVID-19 isolation blues


Beat the COVID-19 isolation blues
You’re in COVID-19 lockdown. You have had to retreat to your home for two weeks of self-isolation and now you’ve got the blues. Here are some low-energy boredom busters:
  1. Do a Marie Kondo and clean out your wardrobe. Once you’ve finished dumping all the outfits and accessories you haven’t worn for ages you can feel righteous and go online for a bit of a shopping spree.
  2. Learn to play chess. Go on, give your mind a nudge – there are some great YouTube videos to get you started and then you can refine your skills online with a buddy.
  3. Sort all those photos. We’re all constantly snapping and you can give your archive a workout and enjoy a trip down memory lane at the same time.
  4. If you are really feeling under the weather, now is the time to catch up on some serious binge-watching of shows everyone’s been talking about.
  5. Unleash your inner you – start an old-fashioned diary and record your reactions to this day-to-day test of resilience. Include observations of what is happening in the world at large while you stew in your own juices.
  6. Break all your habits and instead of texting or checking out social media, make a list of everyone you haven’t seen for ages, give them a call and actually talk to them.
  7. Treat yourself. Think of something special you can do to spoil yourself each day – soak in a lovely bubble bath, bake and ice a cake (then eat it), give yourself a manicure or a facial.
  8. Now you have time on your hands there’s no excuse not to find out all about the things that have always fascinated you but you’ve never got round to finding out about. Use the internet for a bit of targeted self-improvement. 
  9. Give yourself one low-energy chore to do a day that you’ve been putting off for ages – cleaning out kitchen cupboards, polishing brass or silverware, removing cobwebs – you’ll feel so chuffed afterwards that you’ll get a mood boost.
  10. Take time to actually sit with your family and have real conversations. Life gets crammed – now’s the perfect time while you’re all together without outside distractions. 


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