Bathroom Trends of 2018

For long-term investments like a bathroom, it’s important that new product designs are in tune with the latest trends. Mico’s Adesso range of European-inspired products capture the varied bathroom design trends of 2018.

Natural tones and materials such as timber are contrasted by new metallics, while old-world glamour is shown with silky marble and bronze tapware. For a contemporary look, opt for deconstructed luxe with concrete basins and matte black finishings.

Get inspired by the following trends of 2018.

Baths: linger and luxuriate in sleek free-standing baths with depth for comfort and style.

Tapware: enhance your bathroom’s style by adding a pop of colour, from modern matte black to romantic rose gold. Brass with a chrome, brushed nickel or black finish is an elegant option.

Urban Finishes: White, black and gunmetal are modern, stylish colours to choose, while wooden finishes add depth, texture and warmth.

Vanities: focus on hard lines and square shapes. It’s all about modern, sophisticated and clean design.

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Urban Jungle

The greatest challenge that faces our increasingly popular cities is density – more people means, inevitably, more buildings, giving rise to relentless urban sprawl. But the growth of apartment living has led to an indoor-outdoor garden trend, with many stores now specialising exclusively in low-maintenance house plants that require little attention more than a weekly water.

Greening your space has more benefits than the purely aesthetic, too. Sun-loving succulents are known to purify the air; the act of gardening, even on a small scale, helps to reduce stress and improve mental health; and by potting your own herbs you’re bound to have fresh ingredients on hand for your next home-cooked meal.

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