Barbie goes mad for ‘Mad Men’


Look out Ken, there's a new man in Barbie's life. In fact, there are two of them, and they are Mad Men, MiNDFOOD reports.

The makers of Barbie say they are launching a new line of collectible dolls based on characters in acclaimed television drama Mad Men, including sexy executive Don Draper and his advertising agency partner Roger Sterling.

The TV show has been a hit on the AMC cable TV network with its tale of ad men who work along New York City’s Madison Avenue in the 1960s. The men, and women, on the show are notoriously scandalous, getting involved in all sorts of business problems and love affairs.

They also have become highly successful on TV, winning the top award in the United States, the Emmy, for best TV drama and luring millions of viewers to AMC.

Barbie’s no slouch in the fan department, either, and there is no doubt her makers at Mattel Inc. know a thing or two about publicity and advertising – just like the men (and one woman) in Mad Men.

Since her first appearance in 1959, the trim-figured doll adored by girls around the world has had numerous careers, from astronaut to race car driver, and her friends have included all types of people.

Ken, her ‘friend’ since 1961, has been by her side through it all, and if Don or Roger come between he and Barbie, there is hope. Along with the two men in the ‘Mad Men’ collector series, come two women: Draper’s wife Betty and bombshell office manager Joan Holloway.

The new dolls will be priced just under $75.



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