‘Bankrupt’ Greeks told to sell their islands

By Rachael Brown

‘Bankrupt’ Greeks told to sell their islands
Two political allies of German Chancellor Angela Merkel say Greece should sell off some of its islands to pay off its debts.

Greece’s prime minister, George Papandreou, is due to meet Ms Merkel in Berlin this week for talks about his country’s economic crisis.

The country has announced strict austerity measures to avoid bankruptcy.

Should that fail, Germany is the obvious rescuer, but many Germans do not believe Greece deserves a lifeline.

Two senior German politicians have gone even further, suggesting Greece should sell off some of its uninhabited islands.

A local newspaper headline reads: “Sell your islands you bankrupt Greeks, and the Acropolis too!”

A real estate website quotes an island price tag of $2 million, “relatively affordable,” it reads – unless you are Greek.

Meanwhile police in Athens have clashed with demonstrators protesting against the Greek government’s new plan to tackle its budget crisis.

Officers fired teargas at about 50 people who were upset over the government’s plans to freeze the pension and increase several taxes.




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