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Back to basics with Bobbi Brown

Back to basics with Bobbi Brown
We sat down with one of Bobbi’s right-hand men, Felix Nguyen, and discovered how Bobbi is empowering women to be the very best versions of themselves.

From YouTube to Instagram and every newfangled digital offering in between, you couldn’t say there’s a shortage of beauty information ready and waiting to be consumed by women of all ages. But with an overwhelming plethora of make-up advice taking over the internet, deciphering what’s right for your skin and your lifestyle can be bewildering. It was this very notion that inspired Bobbi Brown to revisit her in-store make-up lessons. “Bobbi decided to look at our make-up lessons, and thought perhaps they’re a little bit complicated  – she wants make-up to be really easy for everyone,” explains Felix Nguyen, Bobbi Brown’s Australian and Pacific artistry and education manager. “Bobbi thought why don’t I change all our lessons to how tos and make them more customised. Our make-up artists are like every woman’s personal YouTube channel or version of Google,” Nguyen says. We decided to put Bobbi’s in-store how tos to the test to discover how to make our skin look better; here’s what we learnt.

Don’t be afraid of skincare

Nguyen says that one of the biggest mistakes most women make is being afraid of skincare and relying on foundation too much. “Foundation shouldn’t have to do all the work,” he says. “The better you prep your skin, the better it will look and the less foundation you’ll need.” As for the reason why some of us are reluctant to embrace skincare, Nguyen believes it’s to do with the fallacy that using skincare can cause breakouts or oily skin. “It’s about education, going to a skincare counter and letting make-up artists try out products on you so you know how they look and feel. Once you start using the right skincare you’ll usually find you need less foundation.”

Get to know your skin

Understanding your skin is crucial if you want to get the most out of your beauty regimen. “Our artists always ask customers how do you find your skin? We don’t ask if skin is dry or oily because we know skin can be so many different things,” he says. “Every face tells a different story.” Updating your skincare and foundation as the season changes is important too. “In New Zealand and Australia your skin tone actually changes quite a lot with exposure to sun,” Nguyen explains.

Correct and conceal

According to Nguyen a lot of women don’t realise they need correctors and mistakenly reach for concealer to do the job, which can draw attention to those pesky dark circles under the eyes. “Correctors neutralise colour. If you use concealer alone it doesn’t have the warmth to neutralise darkness and  you can actually end up highlighting grey tones in the skin,” Nguyen explains. “Use corrector to give your skin a fresh look and follow it with a concealer to bring colour back into the skin.”

Bobbi’s new beauty how tos, including How to Make my Skin Look Better are available in-store now.



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