Baby Gammy’s father tried to claim from child’s charity donations

By Efrosini Costa

The father of abandoned Baby Gammy, is trying to access funds raised to help the child.

In yet another shocking discovery of the Baby Gammy story, David Farnell, the child’s  biological father has tried to claim some of the funds raised for the boy’s medical costs.

According to news reports the Australian man, also a convicted sex offender had tried to claims some of the $235,000 donated to the Thai surrogate who has been left to care for the child who has Down’s syndrome.

Gammy was left with his surrogate mother in Thailand by Farnell and his wife Wendy Li. They left the country with Gammy’s twin sister.

Shock and outrage over the story quickly lead to an outpouring of donations from concerned individuals from around the world who wanted to contribute to safeguard the child’s welfare in Thailand.


But Peter Baines, the founder of charity Hands Across the Water – which assisted with the collection of the donations, says that Farnell has tried to access the money which.

“The funds were donated by everyone because of the alleged actions of Mr Farnell, and to think he believes he has some right of claim over it … I find it perplexing,” Baines told reporters.

“The money was donated through the goodwill of people from not just Australia, but across the world, for the immediate care and for the long-term care of Gammy.” he added

“We’ve taken all steps we can as a charity to ensure that 100% of those funds that we donated go directly to Gammy now and for the future.”

Baines assured reporters that the charity will do anything possible to ensure that the funds benefit Gammy.



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