Creating the Perfect Outdoor Space for Autumn

Autumn is upon us, which means it’s time to spruce up your outdoor space and prepare for those colder nights. Founder and creative director of Landart Landscapes, Matt Leacy, shares his top landscaping and construction tips for creating the ultimate autumn outdoor space. “The beginning of Autumn is a great time to get outdoors and start landscaping for the cooler conditions,” he says. “You don’t want autumn to signal a move indoors and less time spent in your outdoor spaces – you ideally want to adapt and tweak your spaces to make them right for the season and to keep maximising their potential.”

Follow Matt’s tips below to ensure you make use of your courtyard this Autumn.

Warmth is key

“Fundamentally, Autumn landscaping is all about bringing warmth into outdoor spaces – introducing features and elements that warm up the spaces to keep them inviting,” says Matt. Increasing coverage from harsh elements should be the first port of call, including retractable awnings and covered pergolas.

Colours and materials

“You can also bring lots of warmth into your outdoor spaces by introducing warmer colours,” Matt adds. Blues, browns and darker reds naturally create warmth, and pair nicely with neutral tones. “I like to do this with cosy coloured cushions, chairs and blankets, which inject warmth and neutral tones via both their colour and materials,” he explains. Timber and exposed brick are great materials for adding warmth and texture, and strategic planting can also help. “Deciduous trees provide some spark as everything else is turning – and something as simple as a beautiful red maple in a small courtyard can make a world of difference”, Matt says.

Heating options

For style, warmth and functionality, add a fire pit to your outdoor area. This creates ambience and is great for sitting around with friends. There are plenty of different fire pits to suit the aesthetic of your courtyard or garden. “In addition to a fire pit, I’d also consider installing some heating or strip heating in key outdoor entertaining and living areas – they will boost heat and keep the spaces inviting throughout the autumn months,” concludes Matt.

Expand Your Outdoor Space

Whether you have a small patch of patio or a large, sprawling lawn, there are things you can do to transform your outdoor space. Try these three tips to give your outdoor area a burst of life and be sure to step outside as we head into Autumn.


Think hooks, cupboards, shelves and in-furniture stowaways. Be sure to include a few watertight or undercover spots.


You can add atmosphere to your surrounds with the right sound, from a soothing water feature to the latest outdoor speakers, like the new waterproof and wireless Bose SoundLink Micro.


There are many things you can do to reduce your impact on the environment, such as planting a herb or veggie patch, using drought-tolerant plants, solar lighting and rainwater features.