‘Atlas: The Story of Pa Salt’: Author answers questions about the final ‘Seven Sisters’ book

<em>Source: Instagram / @harrywhittakerauthor</em>
Source: Instagram / @harrywhittakerauthor
Harry Whittaker, the son of bestselling author Lucinda Riley was tasked with finishing the final 'Seven Sisters' book after his mother's passing. He sits down to answer fan questions about the soon-to-be-released book. 

In a video posted on his social media on Christmas Eve 2022, co-author of the last Seven Sisters book, Atlas: The Story of Pa Salt, Harry Whittaker reveals to readers what they can expect from the highly-anticipated final book.

“Needless to say, I can’t answer 99.99 per cent of them. It will spoil the book,” he begins, adding that he can however, offer up some clues. Warning, minor spoilers ahead for the previous Seven Sisters books.

When is Atlas: The Story of Pa Salt being published?

“It comes out on 11 May, 2023 and that’s when it comes out right across the world.”

Will the Seven Sisters books be made into a TV series?

“Legally, I’m not allowed to say,” he says with a wink. Seems like the rumours of a Seven Sisters TV show might be true!

Will everything really be cleared up?

“Oh you’re going to get the answers. Every single one. I’ve been shown all the comments on Facebook and Instagram and I couldn’t find a single one where the question won’t be answered.”

What is the real name of Pa Salt?

“Atlas… I’m not going to say his surname. That would give away too much.”

Maia had a son. Is he alive? Will this be clarified?

“100 per cent. It’s a plot thread we’re going to return to. ”

How much did Pa Salt know about his daughters’ pasts?

“He knew everything.”

Who is the author from the opening quote at the beginning of the book?

“The epigraph for Atlas: The Story of Pa Salt comes from William Shakespeare. Its a suitably grand epigraph for a grand novel.”

How many pages is it?

“Basically 800 pages. It’s really long.”

Is this book the last one in the series?

“Yes, Atlas: The Story of Pa Salt is the final book in the series. But not necessarily saying the Seven Sisters universe is ending…”

Watch the full Q&A video below:


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