Australian teacher wins big on ‘Millionaire Hot Seat’

By Kate Hassett

Australian teacher wins big on ‘Millionaire Hot Seat’
This remarkable woman walked away from Millionaire Hot Seat with $20,000 which meant her entire school walked home in new shoes.

Teachers are a rare breed. They are part of a select group of people who work tirelessly to improve the quality of life for others, often at the expense of their own. This wonderful woman is no exception.

Bri Dedge is a primary school teacher at Yuille Park in Victoria, Australia. The area she teaches in is prone to harsh winters and terrible weather. When concerns grew over the state of the childrens’ shoes, and their inability to provide adequate warmth and comfort for the children, Dedge wanted to do something about it.

She knew that even the smallest issues – like wearing the wrong shoes in winter – can have long term effects on a child’s ability to learn. So Dedge sought a way to change this around.

She went on Australia’s Millionaire Hot Seat and answered her way correctly to $20,000. Saying she wanted to teach her students to “get out of their comfort zone and challenge themselves”, Dedge also reminded them of what it meant to be selfless.

She took her winnings and purchased new winter shoes for her entire school. That’s every child from kindergarden for year 8.

“I walked into school and every student in the whole school has given me a hug and said thank you,” Bri shared. “The look on their faces was worth all the money that I won.”



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