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Aussie chef takes on a classic – the simple sandwich

Aussie chef takes on a classic – the simple sandwich

Aussie chef takes on a classic – the simple sandwich

“Classic” doesn’t always mean something is predictable or boring. The “classic sandwich” has undergone its own metamorphosis since the 4th Earl of Sandwich popularised the meal in the 18th century.

Cafes, restaurants and even fast food chains have completely run away with the concept of the traditional Australian ‘sambo’ by adding their own personal spin on this basic meal.

For Vue, Justin James, the Executive Chef at Barista by Vue – a new minimalist café, it’s all about the subtle home-made flavours and catering for the five senses. A simple ham and cheese sandwich becomes a bacon and cheese with olive tapenade, a basic sauerkraut in a Ruben is replaced with home-made fennel sauerkraut, and a slow-cooked pulled pork sandwich comes with sliced brioche rather than a roll. “It’s about putting your personal spin on it”.

James has curated a menu at the Melbourne café based on the local offering using premium ingredients from suppliers. Which he says is key to producing a great sandwich.

As foodies are becoming increasingly savvy about the stories behind their sandwiches, knowing the journey from paddock to plate doesn’t always cut the mustard.

James says for him, there are two reasons that these relationships are so important. “First, it’s about finding the best produce for the best end product. But it’s also about the value that relationships provide. We can share each other’s stories and learn and grow from each other”.

Justin emphasises the need to find the best produce, whether you’re a chef or cooking at home. 

If you are looking to make your home-made sandwiches just that little bit lighter on the gut, why not consider our 6 ways to make your sandwich healthier.

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