Auckland from Space

Auckland from Space
Scott Kelly has released images of Auckland as photographed from the International Space Station

So what does Auckland look like from space? If you’ve ever wondered, then Scott Kelly, has provided the ultimate answer.

With one twitter pic, Kelly, the astronaut who will make history by becoming the first American to spend a year in space, uncovered the beauty of Auckland for all the world to see.


Kelly and a Russian Cosmonaut,Mikhail Kornienko,  are currently half way through an experiment that will see the pair spending just over a year in orbit.

Whilst four Russians have already completed the arduous task, Kelly will become the first American to spend a year in space. Having already spent a cumulative six months in orbit, the end of this mission will see Kelly complete over 500 days in orbit.

Whilst the astronauts are suffering from the various effects of spending such an extended time in space, it is nice to see they are able to stay in contact with earth, one photo at a time.

Would you like to see what your city looks like from the International Space Station?


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