Adventurous eaters are healthier and weigh less, says study

By Maria Kyriacou

Image: Thinkstock
Image: Thinkstock
Delicious news for culinary thrill-seekers.

Are you the kind of diner who gets excited about tasting ants or do you recoil at the sight of an octopus’ tendrils on a plate?

If you slot into the former, more culinary-audacious category, you’re in for great news. Women who were polled for a study about their food choices, rated themselves healthier and more physically active, with a slightly lower body mass index versus the more conservative nibblers.

Researchers at Cornell University surveyed 500 women about their daily eating habits, their views on exotic foods and their satisfaction with their weight and health.

The study’s conclusion was that, “Promoting adventurous eating in adults could help individuals lose or maintain weight without feeling as restricted.”

The more adventurous sub-group, described as “food neophiles” were more likely to cook to connect with their heritage, host friends for dinner, be physically active, and be concerned about the healthfulness of food, when compared to non-adventurous eaters.

So push yourself out of your foodie comfort zone, and eat something a little more exciting today.

What’s the most adventurous meal you’ve ever eaten?


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