Adele dismisses media’s focus on her appearance

By Eden Tokatly

British singer Adele arrives at the 54th annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles
Adele on body positivity: "There’s bigger issues going on in the world than how I might feel about myself.”

She has sold over 2 million copies of her new album ‘25’ in under a week, 500 million views of her new release and 3 number 1 albums consecutively named 19, 21 and 25 and yet British pop-singer Adele encounters questions on her appearance.

Adele says in an interview with Australian television program 60 Minutes, “I’ve always been asked questions about my body and my weight, and my size, and my style and stuff like that,” she continues, “And I totally understand. It’s a little bit annoying that men don’t get asked that question as much. But other than that it seemed to astound people that I was plus size and being successful, that was how I felt.” In the interview she explained that body image insecurities aren’t important in the grand scheme of things, “There’s bigger issues going on in the world than how I might feel about myself.”

It’s been a busy week for Adele, whose latest album has been an astonishing 42% of total music sales this week. Loved for being able to ‘keep it real’ amongst all her fame, she revealed at a SiriusXM Town Hall Q&A, “I do have body image problems, for sure, but I don’t let them rule my life at all”.

In the 60 Minutes interview she urges us all to embrace our uniqueness: “There’s only one of you, so why would you want to look like everyone else? Why would you want to have the same hairstyle as everyone else? And have the same opinions as everyone else?”

Her statements highlight the brewing criticism of tabloid media being too concerned with appearance. The heavy focus on the superficial doesn’t bother her, though, “I don’t make music for eyes. I make music for ears.” Adele has gained a great deal of support over her response and continues to be a role model for body positivity.



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