Add some drama to your space with black and white

Inject a dramatic touch to your home with a monochromatic palette that is guaranteed to never go out of style.

From off-whites to stark blacks, moody monochrome brings a classic elegance to your space. The beauty, sophistication and simplicity of this colour palette has been celebrated by interior designers and artists for centuries.

You can find a myriad of black and white tones – some cooler, some warmer, some more velveteen, some matte.


For bathrooms, dark walls and beautifully patterned tiles can create a moody sanctuary. In the bedroom, white bedding and drapery adds a fresh calmness to the space, with dark detailing to balance out the room.

For rugs and carpets, black and white designs are a fun way to play with patterns and make any room a statement.

Broaden your palette by adding grey accents to living spaces, creating a cool, relaxed environment.

New Coco Republic collection celebrates the timeless beauty of stone

Leading furniture and design brand Coco Republic has unveiled its new collection of décor ahead of it being available in stores in February.

The collection celebrates the natural and timeless beauty of the stone with sophisticated pieces including marble trays, vases, bookend designs and crystal sculptures.

The new homewares demonstrate the Coco Republic philosophy of offering designs that are versatile and timeless, allowing a seasonal refresh for the home without following trends too heavily.

The collection features investment pieces sans the investment price point that will add style and interest to any living area.