Activists campaign for “sexist” Wicked Campers slogans to be banned


Image via Wicked Pickets Facebook page
Image via Wicked Pickets Facebook page
Wicked Campers: "If this was on a billboard, there would be complaints and the company would be forced to take that billboard down."

You might have had driven behind one of the fleet of Wicked Campers camper vans, and noticed that some, but not all, are splashed with garish, offensive and outrageous slogans about gender, sex and people generally. Now activists have had enough, with a number of protestors against the company rallying in Brisbane over the weekend, stating that the slogans promoted violence against women.

The activist group, called Wicked Pickets said that sexist slogans needed to be stopped.

One of the protest organiser’s told reporters,

“Some people say ‘well the slogans are funny, they are just about backpackers having fun in the sun’,” Ms Upham told the ABC.

“But when you have slogans suggesting kidnapping women, gaffer-taping women… I think they are actually promoting sexual violence against women and general violence against women.”

“If this was on a billboard, there would be complaints and the company would be forced to take that billboard down,” Ms Upham said.

It’s not the first time people have protested against Wicked Campers. Last year Sydney high school teacher Paula Orbea launched a campaign targeting Wicked Campers after her 11-year-old daughter saw one of the vans with a slogan that read, “In every princess, there’s a little slut who wants to try it just once”. The company subsequently apologised and removed the slogan from its vehicles.

The Wicked Pickets group hope to meet with Queensland Attorney-General Yvette D’Ath soon to talk about changing state laws to stop the slogans.

So far Wicked Campers had not responded to media requests for comment on the protest.




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