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Achieve radiant, resilient skin with the power of ceramides


Achieve radiant, resilient skin with the power of ceramides
With an ultra-lightweight texture, Elizabeth Arden’s new Advanced Light Ceramide Capsules fortify skin’s barrier and refine pores in oily and combination skin types. 

How to improve on a skincare classic? It’s all about continually staying in-step with the latest skincare research and development and providing solutions for everyone. 

In 1990, Elizabeth Arden changed the skincare game with the introduction of Ceramide Capsules – first-of-its-kind, bio-engineered, skin-identical ceramides suspended in a single-dose capsule format that was easy to use, portable and gave skin a youthful-boost. 

The biodegradable gel capsules keep precious ingredients pure and potent, protecting them from air before delivering the perfect dose of serum with a twist of the tip. 

The famous golden capsules have garnered over 140 awards worldwide for its regularly-updated capsule technology and its newer versions that introduce further skincare actives like retinol and vitamin C. 

Lightweight new option

Now, there’s a brand new arrival in the Ceramide Capsules collection that contains the latest ingredients that promise to strengthen and refine skin. 

Advanced Light Ceramide Capsules contain an advanced cocktail of ingredients including skin strengthening Phytoceramides and pore-perfecting Cyclopeptides contained within a lightweight, silky oil-serum texture that glides over skin and is quickly absorbed. 

The formula is designed to benefit all skin types, but in particular is ideally suited for combination and oily skin. If you’ve previously found some serums pore-clogging or heavy and done the opposite of what was desired, this might be a great option for you. 

The new formula:

NOURISHES the protective lipid barrier to lock in moisture and promote natural barrier recovery.

REFINES skin for a poreless appearance and smoother texture with enhanced clarity and luminosity.

RESTORES a more balanced and radiant complexion with enhanced clarity.

After one capsule, skin is 28% stronger, 9 out of 10 women saw a dramatic reduction in visible pores*. After one-week, stubborn lines are visibly reduced#. After one month, 100% agree skin feels healthy, looks luminous, and retexturised^.

Powerhouse key ingredients

To achieve these desirable results, the experts at Elizabeth Arden have landed on a modern combination of ingredients to nourish and protect skin while delivering a beautiful light and gentle feel on skin. 

Phytoceramides: Plant-sourced ceramides known as phytoceramides mimic your skin’s most abundant and important ceramide to help maintain well nourished and resilient skin.

Ceramides are a unique form of lipid (fat) found naturally in between the skin cells of the stratum corneum, or skin’s natural outer layer, or protective barrier. Ceramides help to support its structure and natural processes. If skin cells are like bricks, lipids would be the mortar. 

Skin’s natural production of ceramides decreases as we age, weakening the skin barrier and leaving it more prone to sensitivity, dryness and the signs of aging. Bolstering that process with topical skincare that contains ceramides can help return a healthy skin composition, and help keeping the barrier working efficiently, holding moisture in and irritants out. 

Cyclopeptides: A form of amino acid that supports collagen within pore walls and helps tighten and improve skin texture.

Hemisqalane: A light emollient that helps control excess sebum on the surface of skin.

In addition to these star players, Sea Fennel addresses wrinkles, Vitamin E reduces inflammation, and Tsubaki Oil moisturises and soothes skin.

The capsules are available in a 30 piece or 60 piece bottle. 

Update your daily routine

Advanced Light Ceramide Capsules are intended to be applied to cleansed skin and can be used morning and evening before moisturiser and any makeup. To apply, twist open tab to dispense the pre-measured dose. Gently press capsule to release formula onto fingertips before using a sweeping motion to apply serum on face and neck.

Visit an Elizabeth Arden Counter to discover Elizabeth Arden’s Advanced Light Ceramide Capsules or go to

* Based on a consumer study of 62 Asian women, after single use.
# Based on a consumer study of 61 Asian women, after 1 week / Based on clinical (or instrumental) evaluation of 32 Asian women after 1 week of use.
^ Based on a consumer study of 61 Asian women, after 4 weeks.



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