A Word with ECC’s Mike Thorburn

ECC have just returned from their 35th year at the Milan Furniture Fair, otherwise known as Salone. The businesses’ managing director Mike Thorburn says there was a natural trend at this year’s fair: “there was an overall feeling of softness in the collections with a colour palette that included pastel shades. Organic shapes were evident [and] plush velvets were favoured.” On the lighting side of things, Thorburn notes that there was a variety of size, styles and materials.

As for what we can expect to see instore, Thorburn says there will be satin and bronze seating, woven textures and handblown glass effects.

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Creative We Love: Furniture Designer David Shaw

David Shaw is a busy man. As well as designing and manufacturing furniture from his base in Christchurch, he also imports some of the world’s best furniture brands into the country. “When it comes to furniture, my philosophy is simple: great design that lasts the test of time with quality that stands amongst the best in the world.”

Shaw founded his own furniture company in his early 20s. He believes timeless design is something that can be handed down through generations. “We strive to fill our showrooms with pieces that are unique, functional and beautiful. Sometimes the most simple and classic designs fit this bill and sometimes it is pieces we couldn’t even imagine,” he says. Brands Shaw imports include Classique, Henge, RODA , De Castelli, TONON, James Salmond Furniture and JAB Furniture.

When it comes to his own designs, Shaw likes to mix various styles to create something unique. He likens the furniture industry to the fashion industry where everything changes quickly. “Like the fashion industry we are moving at a very fast pace, however, it also means that a mix of different styles works well. Nothing needs to match – it needs to be cohesive … which we believe is the calming influence of great design. We are excited about the future as diversity is part of the journey ahead for all of us.”

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