A winter boost


A winter boost
Winter ills and chills can really slow you down. Naturally supporting your immune system can help you stay healthy this winter.

Winter often goes hand 
in hand with ills and chills and more days off work, but it doesn’t have to be that way. How much time do you lose from your week when you are unwell? You slow down, are less efficient and are not on top of your game. With the busy lives we lead, getting sick can really throw your week off balance.

Trusted New Zealand natural 
health company Good Health, has 
a range of must-have products for winter wellness.

The Viralex range provides natural and powerful immune support with products including Viralex everyday immune support, Viralex Attack rapid immune defence and Viralex Soothe EpiCor throat lozenges.”

Viralex everyday immune support is an effective way to build your immune system to protect against ills and chills. It contains high strength olive leaf, combined with key natural immune ingredients astragalus, beta glucan, zinc and vitamin D to help boost immunity and provide year-round support to encourage a strong, healthy immune system.

Viralex Attack is a natural, fast acting formula with the unique, clinically researched, natural immune ingredient EpiCor, which starts working in just two hours.

Taken at the first signs of 
winter ills and chills, Viralex Attack provides rapid immune defence 
by increasing antioxidant protection and helping strengthen the 
immune system.

Another common symptom of winter ills and chills is a dry, tickly throat. New Viralex Soothe EpiCor throat lozenges not only soothe the throat 
but also help clear the airways.

Viralex Soothe can be used with Viralex and Viralex Attack to specifically help support the throat and airways.

There is no need to slow down this winter. Whether you’re trying to protect against or fight off those dreaded winter ills and chills, the Viralex range provides effective, natural immune support for you and your family.

Good Health’s Viralex range is 
available from health stores, pharmacies and online and is suitable for both 
adults and children.

Always read the label and use only as directed. If symptoms persist, consult 
your healthcare professional.




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