A tasty day with Countdown


A tasty day with Countdown
Breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert, Countdown’s Own range of products are great value, tasty and nutritious – just look for the green seal.

Trust is an important factor when it comes to our shopping habits. With so many products available these days, we’re all seeking ones that deliver on the best quality, taste delicious and are great value.

When the team at Countdown develop their Own Brand, the mission is to offer a range that is tasty and nutritious, whilst delivering trusted quality for their customers every day. From their bread skilfully baked in-store and emphasis on locally sourced fresh produce, to flavoursome favourites like grass-fed beef, a tempting variety of quality cheeses and indulgent ice-creams, Countdown’s Own extensive range is designed to offer customers the convenience and quality they desire to create delicious meals throughout the day.

Great value is a top priority, but this doesn’t mean sacrificing taste. Each product goes through a strict quality assurance programme to ensure safety and consistency, and new product varieties and exciting flavours are developed in response to customer needs. Freshness is also a big factor in delivering the best flavours.

Loaves of bread and pastries are created in-store by Countdown’s talented bakers, and the majority of Countdown’s in-season fresh fruits and vegetables are sourced from hardworking local farmers who all share a commitment to the best quality.

Health is another major priority for the Countdown team, having worked closely with their own nutritionist, suppliers and food technologists to reduce the amount of salt and sugar in Countdown’s Own range. Countdown’s Own Brand is committed to removing artificial colours, flavours and added MSG, letting the delicious natural ingredients shine through.

Breakfast: Unbeatable Pudding

Switch up breakfast with a delicious savoury bread and butter pudding using Countdown’s Own pantry staples. Layer slices of bread with bacon, spinach and eggs and bake until crispy and cooked through. It’s a tasty and well-rounded breakfast the whole family will love.

Lunch: Super Salad

A quick lunch that’s full of nutritious and delicious ingredients, this pesto pasta salad is easy to throw together. Dress Countdown’s Own spiral pasta with fresh basil pesto, and top with nourishing vegetables like cucumber, cherry tomatoes and red onion.

Dinner: Best Burgers Ever

Countdown makes burger night easy and affordable. Their delicious beef burger patties are made with grass-fed NZ beef for an extra juicy, mouthwatering bite. Assemble the way you like, with plenty of choice including fresh lettuce, cheese and the all-important burger sauce.

Dessert: Treat Yourself

Whether you’re feeding a crowd or indulging for one, Countdown’s Own dessert range has the perfect after-dinner treats to satisfy. Try scoops of delicious Creamy Vanilla Ice Cream in waffle cones, or opt for pre-made desserts like Choc Coated Ice Cream Sticks.

To find Countdown’s Own range, just look for the green seal on pack. Visit countdown.co.nz

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