A Pop of Pink: Candy Coloured Street Style

Rumour has it pink is the new black.

With the rain still pouring in, it’s essential to add some sunshine to your life in one way or another. What better way to freshen up your look than by adding a pop of colour, in the form of pink.

This nostalgic colour is influencing everything from red carpet events, to street style suits, varying from soft blush to bright raspberry sorbet. It’s safe to say pink is very in.

Click the gallery below and get inspired with five of our favourite pink looks.


SALASAI Launches Unique Limited Edition Print

The new SALASAI seasonal signature Creatures Tee drops in-store today, and the print is a very special one.

Each garment is cut and constructed from fabric printed two meters wide. Essentially, not one wearer has the exact same dress anywhere in the world.

Exploring the narrative of conscious living, this print advocates for compassion to animals, domestic and wild and the unique balance of our ecosystem.

The hope behind this print and collection is that we are bound by compassion and understanding, not by chains or shackles. This romantic notion is fabricated with the soft gathered frill and punctuated by the pastel hues sprinkled throughout the palette.

Having first conceived the idea overseas, designer Kirsha Whitcher developed it in-house with graphic artist, Imogen Duxbury to perfect the spacial layout and content which includes hand-drawn elements by Kelly Watson. The scale of the print is crucial to Whitcher, who strives to balance the ingredients each seasonal print needs of impact, structure and story.

Click below for a sneak peek of SALASAI’s new collection.