A new ‘proof of life’ video has been released of the Chibok schoolgirls


A new ‘proof of life’ video has been released of the Chibok schoolgirls
A new video has surfaced, apparently depicting a handful of the girls kidnapped by Boko Haram, from their Chibok school, two years ago.

Two years ago Islamic Militants, Boko Haram, stormed a school in Chibok, northern Nigeria. The terrorist organisation abducted 279 girls. Whilst dozens have since escaped, no one to this day has heard from any of the remaining girls.

Until now. CNN has obtained video footage that was apparently sent to negotiators and government officials by the militant organisation, as “proof of life”.

According to CNN, the video has been seen by those involved in negotiations, but has been unavailable to the parents, until now.

The emotional video depicts footage of mothers recognising their daughters along side an interview with a schoolgirl who recognises some of her former classmates.

“My Saratu!”, one mother wails as she captures a glimpse of her long-lost daughter.

A selection of girls are each asked their name, their name at school and where they were kidnapped from.

Each girl responds with their name and that they were taken from Chibok Government Secondary School.

In the final moments of the film, one of the girls, Naomi Zakaria, seemingly speaking for all the girls, gives a final appeal to whoever is watching. She calls for the girls to be reunited with their families and reassures their collective safety.

“I am speaking on 25 December 2015, on behalf of the all the Chibok girls and we are all well,” she says.

The date revealed by Naomi is accurate, according to the information embedded in the video – which would place the recording on Christmas Day.

The kidnapping sparked mass protests around Nigeria and then throughout the world after the inaction of the government saw international pressure placed on former President, Jonathan Goodluck.

The President was initially hesitant to acknowledge the mass abduction, but was soon forced to accept aid from other countries.

The video comes after Malala shared an emotional plea to governments worldwide, to continue their quest to #BringBackOurGirls.




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