A mindful morning makes for a merry day


A mindful morning makes for a merry day

New research into the morning rituals of New Zealanders reveals we have become a nation keen on mindfulness.

The results of a survey of 1000 people showed we prioritise our feelings by interspersing routine with moments of mindfulness, which respondents say are in turn key to productivity in the office.

The Morning Index, commissioned by Nespresso,  showed 60 per cent of us take time on waking to live in the present moment.

Other results showed we are a nation of early risers (18 per cent of us rise before 6am and more than half of us get up before 7am) and a third of respondents said they feel calm and ready to face the day ahead when they wake. A further third said they need time to gather their thoughts and think about how they feel.

Respondents detailed their top 10 morning rituals immediately after rising:

1: Brush their teeth (68 per cent)

2: Eat breakfast (67 per cent)

3: Have a shower (56 per cent)

4: Enjoy a first coffee of the day (36 per cent)

5: Decide on what to wear (34 per cent)

6: Watch or listen to the morning news (28 per cent)

7: Scroll through social media feeds (25 per cent)

8: Plan priorities for the day (20 per cent)

9: Shave (17 per cent)

10: Hit the snooze button several times (16 per cent)

Once we’re in the office productivity peaks between 9 and 11am for 57 per cent of New Zealanders, mentally though, we don’t feel ready to start the working day until we’ve enjoyed our morning hot beverage (48 per cent).

Nespresso’s research shows we use the ritual of our morning coffee as a benchmark for productivity – more than half (53 per cent) say it’s all about the soothing routine and reflection time, as much as the actual drink.



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