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A good skin-vestment


A good skin-vestment
Make 2023 the year that you fully embrace being confident in your skin. Caci paves the way with the best skincare, treatments and personalised advice to help you reach all your complexion goals.

If you’re someone that always puts others first, we can relate. Family, friends, children, parents are always the priority, and rightfully so. Work commitments and other activities also contribute to a full and fulfilling life, but sometimes it’s easy to lose yourself and your goals in the mix.

Now might be the time to take stock and think about what you want from this year.

A little reminder: putting yourself first on occasion isn’t selfish – it’s self-care.

If among those considerations you’ve always thought perhaps you could take better care of is your skin, or you’d like to improve your skin health but don’t know where to start, there are simple steps to take. It can be as straightforward as adding a serum after cleansing at night, or committing to daily use of SPF. If you’re looking for more direction or want more powerful solutions, consider consulting the experts at Caci.

Expert skin guides

The flag-bearers of skin confidence, the group of over 80 skin clinics around New Zealand was established by founder Jackie Smith back in 1994 to provide skin and appearance solutions that help people feel great about themselves, and that belief has never wavered. The scope of possibilities that can be achieved with the latest skincare formulations, technology and treatments certainly has grown, though!

If you have specific objectives, like improving breakouts, pigmentation, texture, lines and wrinkles, sagging, skin elasticity or tone, there are treatments that will address these. From simple glow-inducing options like microdermabrasion or sonophoresis skin infusion to more involved skin-transforming peels and microneedling, there are options to suit while always keeping skin health at the forefront.

Long-standing expertise in the area of cosmetic injectables is another reason Caci is so well known. Both anti-wrinkle injectables for reducing lines and wrinkles and dermal filler to soften lines, improve volume and define your features can help you achieve the look you are after.

Caci’s support can also be as simple as guiding you through your approach to skincare, something that, with the wealth of options available, can be overwhelming. In recent years more focus has been placed on the role of nourishing and protecting our skin’s natural moisture barrier, as well as the abilities of key ingredients like retinoids and Vitamin C. Embracing these can be beneficial, but it’s important they are suitable for you and your skin type and concerns rather than jumping on the latest fad or ingredient trend, so expert advice can help you avoid wasting money on products that don’t suit.

Stress-free solutions

It’s a lot to consider, but Caci endeavours to make everything they do clear and simple. You can certainly book a one-off, but their range of memberships takes the hard work out – even the mental load of remembering to re-book!

On the popular Reformaskin Skin Health plan for example, you simply sign up, subscribe and come in for a regular, personalised treatment every 3-4 weeks. What you receive on the day is decided by your skin professional (in consultation with you) to meet your current and long-term skin goals so you don’t have to worry about choosing. You can even add on injectables treatments, too.

There’s a Caci near you, so if you’re excited about taking the next step in your skin journey, there’s no time like the present to get started.

Easy memberships

Great results take time, so regular appointments at evenly spaced intervals via a Caci membership can help achieve fantastic results.

  • Amerase®, your cosmetic injectables membership. Reduce lines and wrinkles with cosmetic injectables – one of the most effective treatments to rejuvenate and enhance your best features.
  • Reformaskin, your skin health membership. Get fresh, bright and healthy-looking skin with a combination of skin-correcting treatments.
  • Freedom, your laser hair removal membership. A long-term solution to unwanted hair – enjoy silky smooth skin all year around.
  • ChillSculpt, your body shaping membership. Body-shaping treatment ChillSculpt targets unwanted and stubborn body fat with cryolipolysis – a non-invasive, non-surgical body-shaping treatment.

Learn more or book a free consultation at

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