A dog and his suitcase abandoned at Scotland train station


A dog and his suitcase abandoned at Scotland train station
Scottish authorities are on the hunt for clues about who abandoned this dog and his suitcase of belongings.

The Scottish SPCA has turned to Facebook to source any details on the owners of male shar-pei crossbreed who was found on Friday night tied to a railing outside the Ayr train station. Next to him was his suitcase of dog belongings, including some food, a bowl, a pillow and his toy.

Unsurprisingly, photos of the forlorn pup have instigated a social media frenzy, with many offering to adopt the mixed-breed pooch while lashing out at his callous owner.

“Kai”, as his microchip revealed, was sold in 2013, but the SPCA have no details on his new owners.

“This case highlights the potential consequences of selling an animal online as it often leads to the impulse buying of pets that people know very little about,” Taylor said in a post on the Scottish SPCA’s website.

“Regardless of the fact Kai was left with his belongings, this was still a cruel incident and we are keen to identify the person responsible. If anyone can help we would ask them to get in touch as soon as possible.”

Kai is about two to three years old and is “a lovely dog with a nice nature,” Taylor said.

“We will look after him until we can find him a permanent and loving home.”

Abandoning dogs is an offence under Scotland’s Animal Health and Welfare Act, with offenders facing a ban from keeping animals for life.

One look at his sad, furrowed face, and it’s hard to imagine who could leave him this way.



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