A Darker Eden

Fashion from Dunedin has a reputation for being gothic, dark, romantic, edgy and non-conformist. It’s the birthplace of some of New Zealand’s leading and innovative designers – NOM*d, Tanya Carlson and Mild Red. Zambesi’s Elisabeth Findlay also grew up there.

To celebrate the creative context of Dunedin fashion, the New Zealand Fashion Museum’s first exhibition of 2015, A Darker Eden: Fashion from Dunedin, opens at Silo 6, Silo Park, Auckland this Friday on February 13.

A Darker Eden: Fashion from Dunedin features three leading fashion labels of the south – NOM*d, Mild Red and Tanya Carlson. It also introduces 20 Dunedin alumni who are currently marking their mark in fashion – including Company of Strangers, Twenty-Seven Names, Maaike, Vaughan Geeson and Mushama & Me.

It investigates Dunedin’s neo-gothic and colonial architecture, university culture, colder climate and hilly harbour setting as influences that have long attracted writers, artists, musicians and poets, as well as fashion designers.

The exhibition runs until March 1, 2015 and entry by koha (donation).

Picture credit: Designer Kelsi Bennett. Photography Laura Bennett.

Film – Handmade with Love in France

Handmade with Love in France takes you behind the scenes and into the world of four French craftsmen who create flowers, feathers, perfect pleats and hat blocks for haute couture garments for Chanel, Dior and Yves Saint Laurent.

Maison Lognon which has provided French couture houses with pleats since the start of the 19th Century; Maison Legeron which has created artificial flowers for generations; Eric Charles Donatien who specialises in feather art; and Lorenzo Re who has been carving hat blocks since the 1960s.

It shows the painstaking process of creating these intricate pieces, provides an insight into a world that is disappearing and efforts that houses like Chanel and Dior are making to preserve these crafts and knowledge going forward into the future. The House of Lesage, famous for its beading and embroidery, is now owned by Chanel.

The first screening is at Rialto, Auckland on February 22.

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