A City’s Subconscious

By Kate Hassett

A City’s Subconscious
One initiative is providing a chance for everyones voice to be heard.

An amazing initiative by the Poetry Society of New York  has seen the subconscious of the city being explored and uncovered through the click of keys.

The keys in question belong to a typewriter, positioned on Governors Island looking over the skyline of lower manhattan and Statue of Liberty – a view that would spark inspiration in anyone.

The project began as a way to start a citywide conversation that can be contributed to by anyone and everyone. Participants take their seat in the custom wooden booth and type whatever they wish to express. Their words are then uploaded to the Subconscious of the City website where they can share with the world the creative spirit that would otherwise by unheard.

The founders of the project see the benefits of such a simple idea as providing both an insight into the undercurrent of the city’s internal monologue and a free outlet for people to seek a particular type of therapy.

Is this something you would be interested in contributing to?




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