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A bikini that could help save our oceans


A bikini that could help save our oceans

Fancy wearing a bikini that could help save the world?

A bikini that could help save our oceans

No we are not talking Wonder Woman but instead a bikini designed by professors at the University of California Riverside that claims to leach oil pollution out of the water.

The Spongesuit, designed by Mihri and Cengiz Ozkan, is made from heated sugar and due to its extremely porous structure not only repels water but absorbs oil.  The bikini came to live thanks to a 3D printer and some help from design firm Eray Carbajo.

“There are a lot of [biological oils] inside the ocean coming from other swimmers and animals,” Mihri Ozkan told mental_floss. “Even one person can make a difference, this is the idea. ”

The Spongesuit is still just a concept at this stage and there a few hiccups if it was to be pushed out to public sale – the material can absorb 25 times its own weight in oil which is released when it’s heated up to 1000°C, a tad higher than your conventional oven.

The material can be re-used up to 20 times, provided you are able to heat it.

According to mental_floss the Ozkans originally envisioned the material not as a bathing suit, but as a way to clean up large-scale oil spills in the ocean.

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