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9 reasons to put Antarctica on your travel wishlist

Photo by Dan Avila

9 reasons to put Antarctica on your travel wishlist

The southernmost continent, Antarctica tops many bucket lists as it is one of the most fascinating destinations in the world given its pristine beauty and wondrous elusiveness.

9 reasons to put Antarctica on your travel wishlist

This last untouched continent (the 7th continent) is not only the coldest, driest, highest continent on the planet, it is also the most striking with its floating sheets of ice, spectacular mountainous islands and teeming wildlife.

A trip to Antarctica allows you to step into a world with no native population, where nature and wildlife reign supreme. 

1. Life-affirming adventure

Adventure is at the heart and soul of an Antarctic vacation. Travelling to Antarctica means exploring one of the most untouched places on the planet, whether that’s by boat, kayaking or hiking is up to you.

Building on Hurtigruten’s explorer heritage dating back to 1893, their explorations are designed for people who value learning and personal growth. 

2. Another world

Gabrielle Walker, an environmental scientist in Antarctica, describes the continent as being almost alien: “The first time I went there it was like walking on another planet. It’s just ice and rock – no trees, no plants, no anything else.”

Anyone who has ever been fascinated by the thought of travelling through space  – Antarctica is your alien landscape right at home. No matter where you have been and what you have seen on previous travels: the frozen continent of Antarctica is different from anything on the planet.

Roughly twice the size of Australia, 98% of the continent is covered in ice. As a result, there are neither permanent residents nor native inhabitants in Antarctica, except for the wildlife of course. Here, in the midst of the great white open, you will find nature at its most sublime and haunting.

3. Wandering wildlife

The wildlife in Antarctica, particularly the thousands of penguins, have no fear of humans at all. They’re totally confident and completely curious. This means that travelling to Antarctica is your chance to get up close and personal with everyone’s favourite flightless bird.

There are also thousands of whales and seals that live in the southmost part of the world, and an abundance of birdlife. You can get a glimpse into their lives in the wild -something no zoo or aquarium can ever truly replicate.

4. Icebergs

You will never see icebergs like those in Antarctica. They can range in size from small chunks you could fit into a glass to huge floating behemoths that take decades to melt. As your ship draws nearer to the south pole, the concentration of icebergs increases as Antarctica is home to a vast majority of the icebergs that navigate Earth’s oceans.

Made of fresh water that started off as snow, falling and accumulating over many hundreds or thousands of years, Antarctica’s icebergs are something you will never forget.

5. Powerful photography

Antarctica presents the opportunity of a lifetime. From the utterly un-shy creatures to the foreign and captivating landscapes, this continent will give you the chance to take some incredible pictures.

A land of extremes and unexpected events, from mammoth icebergs to up-close-and-personal penguins, from beautiful landscapes to leaping whales, Antarctica is the photographer’s dream location.

6. The cold

Being the coldest place on Earth, Antarctica supports no terrestrial mammals – there are no trees or shrubs, and only two species of flowering plants. On the Antarctic Peninsula, two days of sailing from the tip of South America, the temperatures average 0-5 degrees Celsius during summer.

However, being one of the driest places on earth, Antarctica does not see a lot of rain. In fact, more rain falls every year on average on the Sahara Desert than on the icy, wild-blown desert of Antarctica. There’s something about being in a truly cold environment that wakes up your brain.

As long as you’re dressed for the weather, you won’t be freezing, but the cold air will definitely catch your attention. You’ll be amazed how quickly you adjust to the temperatures, and you’re likely to ultimately think of the Antarctic-chill as one of the best parts of your trip.

7. Remote

When you travel to Antarctica, it’s just you, your shipmates, and the scientists and long-term travellers you meet in some settlements along the way. The pristine environment and beautiful sounds of nature, is awe-inspiring and hauntingly beautiful.

8. Science

From a scientific perspective, Antarctica is one of the most exciting places in the world. This is a prime destination for those studying climate change, but it’s also a favourite spot for astronomers.

The clear air, stable weather and absence of light pollution make the south pole one of the best places in the world to look at the sky; it also gives even casual stargazers visiting Antarctica a chance to see a night sky like no other.

9. Part of history

Because Antarctica is so far and has such extreme weather, very few people have ever visited the continent. This means that your vacation will make you a part of the continent’s history. On Antarctica, you’re part of the story.

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