On The Weekend…

On The Weekend…
MiNDFOOD’s Editor-in-Chief Michael McHugh will post a weekly column titled On The Weekend… where he will share his thoughts and views and what he did or thought about while away from work for the weekend.

On The Weekend…

I flew to Austria. This is not my normal weekend but one that included planes, trains and automobiles.

It just so happens my first weekend column included some serious travel. It was a bit of a triple hop to get there. From Sydney to Abu Dhabi, the 13 hours and 45 minutes flight from there to Serbia for an hour or so stopover, the  Belgrade break where I had a bowl of cornflakes (you can’t take Whangarei from the boy) and a shower, and then boarded another flight for Zurich, which has the most extraordinary Blade Runner style airport, all concrete, black walls and glass.  Even the billboards and advertising looked cool. I strode off the aircraft making my way to the underground train station. The platform seemed to have an entire army of grey nomads that were all very excited about their day trip.

You can spot an older seasoned traveller when on mass, they look like they belong to a walking group, with sensible shoes, backpacks, short pants and an array of hats collected from international travel.

The train station was painted in blue and yes, more concrete and everything was so clean. Ten minutes later and crossing over to another platform and another waiting train I was on my way to Austria. This time a two-and-a-half hour trip. The journey was just what I needed. Pretty scenery, lots of green paddocks, cows with bells around their necks, a sparkling lake, mountains that reached the sky and I just sat back and enjoyed. The scenery reminded me of those really difficult jigsaw puzzles we would get as children at Christmas.

Passing through Switzerland and then onto Liechtenstein as we got higher and higher into the mountains, my ears popped again, watching waterfalls pouring down between perfect rows of alpine forests I left the train at St Anton am Arlberg starving and in need of a shower.

It’s taken over 24 hours to get here but watching the world fly by makes it all worthwhile.


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