80% of people fail to drink enough daily water


80% of people fail to drink enough daily water
80% of people who fail to drink the daily recommended amount of water feel an impact on their body.

The study, which should serve as a public warning during summer, also revealed inadequate water consumption often has a noticeable affect on performance with 80% of those

The research also found that of those who do feel an impact:

·      Almost three quarters (69%) notice feelings of dehydration when they fail to drink enough water

·      Over half (57%) get headaches when they haven’t had enough water, while a further 44% experience exhaustion

According to a study from the University of Barcelona, being dehydrated by just 2% impairs performance of the simplest of tasks, like throwing a ball.

Dehydration is a deficit of body water when fluid output exceeds intake. The study suggests it only takes 1-2% loss of body water to cause mild dehydration2; impacting tasks that require attention and psychomotor, which is the relationship between cognitive functions and physical movement.

The Thermos research also suggests that Australians experience a deterioration of mood and a reduction in productivity as a result of failing to stay hydrated. Findings showing over a third (37%) of those who suffer health issues experience low mental awareness, while a further 30% said they slip into a poor mood without enough water throughout the day.

“Dehydration – no matter what level – is dangerous and this research highlights there are serious side effects that ultimately could be prevented by consuming more water,” says Paul Fitzgerald, Marketing Manager at Thermos Australia.

“Even if you’re not exercising or exposed to harsh environments, consciously drinking more water is something we all need to turn our minds to. Poor health is a serious issue and there is a need for greater awareness among the general public about the importance of proper hydration, especially as we head into summer.

“The number one way to increase our water intake, according to 39% of the nation, is simply making an effort to think about drinking more water. This may sound obvious but how do we put this into practice? Keeping a water bottle by your side can actually remind you to drink more water. Another tip is to record how many glasses you’ve consumed throughout the day,” says Fitzgerald.

The Thermos study also found nearly a quarter (21%) of Australians would drink more water if it tasted better and a further 21% would if they felt thirstier throughout the day. Just under a fifth (19%) of respondents said they would consume more water if they could keep it colder for longer. While 16% said they would drink more water if they had better access to it throughout the day.

“We are very fortunate to live in a country with superior water availability, however if being out and about during the day is limiting your water intake, plan ahead and take water with you from home,” adds Fitzgerald. 

Genuine Thermos Brand’s Top Four Tips for Staying Hydrated

1.    Keep it cool–If you prefer your drinking water to be cold, store it in a Genuine Thermos Brand Hydration Bottle as it keeps contents cold for up to 18 hours, no matter what environment you’re in.

2.    Be mindful of intake –Make a conscious effort to drink more water throughout the day even if you don’t feel thirsty and keep a water bottle by your side to serve as a reminder to consume more.

3.    Plan ahead –If you know you’re going to have limited access to water during your day (like tradesmen or those on the road) get organised in the morning and take a large bottle of water from home.

4.    Add some flavour –If you don’t like the taste of water try adding a squeeze of lemon or lime (or both) into your bottle.

1     Thermos Australia Hydration Research with PureProfile. Survey asked a nationally representative sample of 1,254 people. April 2014.

2     “Cognitive Performance and Dehydration”, Ana Adan, Journal of American College of Nutrition, Vol. 31, No. 2, 71 (2012).


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