8 ways with ANZAC Biscuits


8 ways with ANZAC Biscuits
ANZAC biscuits are a family home staple. Crunchy and soft - these heavenly morsels can be used in just about any sweet recipe. From cheesecakes to crumbles, these are our favourites.

Just the smell of the  humble ANZAC Biscuit baking, is enough to stir up even the most distant of memories. From family get-togethers to afternoon tea’s, the biscuit has been a part of our lives since time immemorial – or at least since our grandparent’s used to hand them out on platters around the dining table.

Originally manufactured to send to our Diggers during WW1 – the ANZAC biscuit is steeped in cultural significance far outweighing its delicious crumb.

However, the humble cookie has come a long way since its invention, and is now the perfect accompaniment, or replacement, for everything from crumble to cheesecakes.

Here at MiNDFOOD we took a quick office poll to see how everyone uses their ANZAC biscuits  – and the results sounds delicious!

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The classic ANZAC biscuit is rich in history and heavy on the sugar. Bring the old favourite right up to date with this vegan twist on the cookie that is boosted with nutrient-rich ingredients.

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Anzac Crumble

Reinvent an Anzac Day classic with this nourishing crumble that is guaranteed to please the masses.

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For our Managing Editorthe ANZAC biscuit takes on a new life when served hot and sprinkled over a cream cheese and fruit combination. Think deconstructed cheesecake, or perfect in trifles instead of sponge.

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Our Producer likes hers sprinkled over baked stone fruit. She places hulled and halved peaches, nectarines or plums on a baking tray, covers with the biscuits and bakes with a sprinkling of dark brown sugar, until soft on the bottom and crunchy on the top. When done, remove from the oven and serve with dollops of creamy greek yoghurt.

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Close your eyes and imaging biting into a soft ANZAC cookie, now picture there being a healthy serving of your favourite ice-cream between that cookie. Our Online Producer prefers her ice-cream sandwiches made with ANZAC cookies, giving a sweet and spiced alternative to the norm. For a decadent dessert, wedge two cookies together using an ice cream of your choosing as the glue, lay back and enjoy.

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The texture and taste of ANZAC biscuits is instantly identifiable. There’s nothing like creamy oats to remind you of home, and our Food Director has an even better recipe to fill your house with comforting scents. Hull the cores of apples and fill with crushed Anzac biscuits. Place on a baking tray and bake until golden. Cut open and spoon out the softened flesh for a warming take on apple pie.

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What’s better than an ice cream sandwich? A cookies and cream sandwich, or for a more refined recipe – try our Producer favourite way to eat ANZAC biscuits – in a Ripple Cake. The decadent dessert is centred around the Ripple cookie – or in this case the ANZAC biscuit. The cookies are then wedged together into a loaf tin coated in a whipped cream and vanilla concoction then set in the fridge. The end result is a glorious layering of soft cookies and cream. Impressively easy. Add some in season fruit between the layers and you have a delicious and fresh dessert idea.

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Our Senior Advertising Manager likes to use any left over ANZAC biscuits for breakfast – with yoghurt and fruit of course! Served warm they create a lovely alternative to granola or muesli. With the weather getting colder, this quick and easy recipe will brighten up any morning.

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Our Art Director uses ANZAC biscuits as the perfect base for any cheesecake recipes. Simply whip up and pat down for an easy alternative to sticky crumb bases. This recipe calls for an ANZAC biscuit base, but use it for any tart or slice bases as well.

Click here for inspiration Recipe.

If you prefer to drink in the comfort of your ANZAC biscuits then utilise your left over cookies in Henry McHugh’s favourite recipe for smoothies or milkshakes. Simply replace oats for crushed up cookies in your  breakfast banana smoothie or add cookies, caramel ice cream and milk, and blend until thick and creamy – for the ultimate after school treat.

What recipes do you create out of your left over ANZAC biscuits?


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