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8 tricks for making your foundation last all day

8 tricks for making your foundation last all day

With the heat ramping up and humidity arriving about the same time your foundation is doing a disappearing act, it’s time to take action or endure another summer with a shiny forehead and a dewy, sweaty upper lip. 

 Keeping your foundation on and still looking perfect by the end of the day can be done, but it takes work. Each one of the steps below will help a little more than not doing anything, but collectively, they work brilliantly, they just take time and effort.

Refine your skincare routine
Making sure you’re using the right products for your skin type, as well as optional extras like a hydrating serum and an exfoliating acid will create a balanced base that is smooth and wont produce extra oil, making a slip and slide for any colour that goes on top. In particular well-hydrated skin well help hold on to colour without settling in creases nor wearing off too quickly.

Make friends with primer
If using a makeup primer always seemed like an unnecessary step you might not have found the right one. Primers really come into their own in summer, when they create a smooth canvas for your foundation to adhere to. While there has been a step away from silicon primers to more dewy water-based versions, they’re still the best option for makeup longevity! If you find them a bit heavy, simply apply only in the areas that tend to show shine first, like the center of the forehead, nose and chin.

Choose a long-wear formulation
There are so many great long-wearing formulations around now, you can find good options at every price point. A lightweight matte version has great staying power. If you have oily or acne-prone skin look for a water-based or oil-free formula.

Master your application
You want to apply foundation sparingly, starting from the center of your face and using a sponge or brush to buff outwards. Slowly building one thin layer of a full-coverage formula will last much longer and look more natural than just packing on a thick mask of colour.  Spot apply extra concealer just to cover any blemishes still visible.

Use powder sparingly
Dust a light touch of face powder lightly across your T-Zone, under your eyes and on your chin or any areas prone to shine, rather than uniformly covering your entire face. If you’re not a huge fan of powder, try Hourglass’s Ambient Lighting Powders. They will set your makeup and blur your complexion in the most flattering way without appearing obvious or settling in lines.

Try a setting spray
Another item that suffers a reputation for being a bit gimmicky, but in reality works brilliantly, is setting spray. It’s a go-to for event makeup artists because of its ability to keep colour from transferring.

Have a touch-up plan
If you go straight in with a brush and more foundation all you’re going to do is move any excess oil around your face along with any makeup that’s still remaining. Instead, carefully absorb shine by dabbing with blotting paper and then re-apply any extra colour with a sponge, pressing on gently just in the areas that need it.

Stop touching your face
Sounds simple but you’re probably doing it more than you think! The warmth of your hands can remove makeup quickly so try and go ‘hands free’ as much as you can.


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