7 Ways to Make Change

7 Ways to Make Change
Follow these steps to create positive change.

How do you change the habits of a lifetime? Start small, with a change you can incorporate into your daily life to create a new habit that is good for you, and build on that. Remember, it won’t be easy – but with the right plan, you’ll be amazed how far you can go. Here are our seven ways to create change. 

Make a clear, specific plan with a starting date and realistic goals.

Surround yourself with people who will encourage you. If you can, think of your friends and family as an audience. Put the ones with a negative influence way back in the back row in terms of the time you give them.

Reconnect with the special people with whom you have lost touch. Grow your support base.

Get used to making changes by, for example, taking a different route to work or sitting in a different chair at the table. Do this often and in any way you can.

Express more vulnerability to your closest loved ones. Enlist them to help with the change you want to put in place and say why it is important to you.

Compliment people when they deserve it. Too often too much is left unsaid. Besides, it feels good, and it might just come back your way.

Phone, don’t text, to communicate with your key people. Hear their voices and let them hear yours.

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