10 kitchen tricks to cut down on food waste

10 kitchen tricks to cut down on food waste
Food wastage is a big problem, with households throwing away tonnes of food every year. But cutting down on food waste doesn't have to be hard. Often what it takes is just a bit of smart thinking. See our tips and tricks for reducing your food waste at home.

1. Shop smart

Reducing your food waste starts at the supermarket. Shop smarter to avoid throwing out food by planning exactly what you need for the week.

Being smart about the way you buy food can also mean shopping less. A full fridge can easily lead to food waste.

Before you head to the supermarket, make it a priority to use up what’s left in your fridge or pantry if it’s something that can go off.

Buying staple foods that can be used in lots of different recipes is a good way to cut down on waste while keeping your meals interesting.


2. Store food the right way

Food that’s stored incorrectly runs the risk of going off quicker. Make sure you know the best ways to store food.

For example, root vegetables like potatoes, onions and garlic should be stored in a cool, dark space. Make sure they’ve got room to breathe.

Keeping things cold is not always the best option.

Find out which foods should never go in the fridge.


3. Get creative with leftovers

How often have you had to throw out old leftovers because they’d gone off? Leftovers are a common problem when it comes to food waste.

Get creative with your leftovers and use them up as soon as possible so they don’t go to waste.

See our favourite ideas for making the most of leftovers.


4. Pickle and preserve

Pickling and preserving are great for making food last longer.

If you’ve got excess fruit or vegetables that you’re not ready to eat, preserve them and keep them for later.

See some of our favourite pickled and preserved recipes:

Preserved Feijoas

Sweet & Sour Pickled Beetroots

Preserved Lemons and Limes


5. Freeze the right way

Freezing is another smart way to reduce food waste.

Leftover soups, curries or stock are perfect for freezing. There a loads more things you can freeze, too.

Fresh herbs are great chopped up with oil in an ice tray. Fresh chillies and ginger are also perfect for freezing and adding to meals later.

Read more of our freezer tips.


6. Don’t throw out the skin

While most people tend to peel fruit and vegetables, there’s nothing wrong with eating the skin!

In fact, most of the best nutrients are found in the skin of fruits and vegetables. The same goes for leaves and stems.

Dice, blend and mix them up in your salads, soups and smoothies to add a flavourful punch to your meals.


7. Make stock out of bones

Leftover bones are perfect for making delicious homemade stock.

They’re not only full of flavour, but pack a lot of healthy nutrients, too.

Try this super-powered Bone Broth Recipe for a daily dose of nutrients that act to heal and support the gut.

Click here for the recipe.


8. Keep your stale bread

Stale bread can be used in lots of different ways.

Use it up to make delicious french toast, throw it in a blender to make breadcrumbs, or toast it to make croutons for a salad.


9. Use up coffee grounds

Rather than throwing your coffee grounds in the bin or down the sink, why not use them around the garden?

Simply sprinkle around your plants to protect them against a variety of destructive pests – ants are repulsed by the smell, while the slightly abrasive texture will deter soft-bellied pests like slugs and snails.

Used coffee grounds also make a great fertiliser for acid-loving plants like azaleas, hydrangeas, camellias and roses.


9. Compost

If you do need to throw food out, composting is a great way to turn old waste into nutrient-rich plant food.

Nowadays, lots of people are composting at home. Make sure you know what you can and can’t compost.

Click here for our guide to composting. 


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