6 Ways to Maximise Your Outdoor Area

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Make the most of your patio with these expert tips by King Living's design expert, Sebastian Nash.

Make the most of your patio with these expert tips.

If you have a small garden or yard, adding greenery can be challenging. Thankfully, it’s more than possible to create an outdoor haven even if you are restricted by size. We caught up with King Living’s design expert, Sebastian Nash, to discuss how you can make the most of your outdoor living space.

What is your single top tip for making the most out of a small outdoor space? 

Firstly, establish what you are using the space for and buy furniture that suits your needs. Modular furniture is best as it is flexible and can change with your needs. Extension tables are preferable as space is at a premium in a small area and they can be extended when family and friends visit.

How can you incorporate plants and greenery into a confined outdoor space?

A vertical garden is always a great way to create volume without taking up valuable space. Also, one or two large plants in pots looks better than lots of small potted plants.

What colours can make an area seem larger than it is?

Keeping to a smaller colour palette generally works better than lots of different colours as you can create larger volumes of a single colour.

What furnishings do you recommend for small outdoor spaces? 

Furniture that fills the space will look better than lots of smaller pieces. Modular and flexible pieces of furniture can change with your needs.

How do you declutter an outdoor space? What necessities should make the cut?

Only keep plants, pots and furniture which contribute to making your outdoor space clean and simple year-round. Don’t cramp things in as this will only make the space seem smaller.

How do we create an outdoor space which offers both covered and uncovered areas despite being a limited area?

A large outdoor umbrella or an extendable sunshade system are the best solutions to providing both sun and shade to an outdoor space. Both can easily be put down or pulled in on a wet day and put back on a sunny day without taking up a huge amount of space.

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