6 coffee trends to watch for in 2019

6 coffee trends to watch for in 2019

Drinking coffee is no longer just about getting your caffeine hit – it has become a way of life – a cultural revolution. We take a look at some of the trends in coffee making and drinking set to be on the brew for 2019.

1. Portable coffee machines
Travel just got a whole lot more interesting. There’s need to leave your room, or your Airbnb or your holiday home when you can brew premium quality coffee with the a range of new on the market portable coffee machines, including the likes of the Rocket Espresso PORTA ViA.
2. Coffee drone delivery

It looks like the pollies will have first dibs on drone coffee with Wing a subsidiary of Google’s parent company ‘Alphabet’ expected to launch in 2019. Their drones can clock 125 km per hour and can deliver cups of coffee to homes within a five kilometre radius of the company’s base in Mitchell.
3. The Coffee Kick Calculator
Want to know how much caffeine you should have in a day or how much caffeine is in your coffee? Try this online tool. Just enter the time you wake up and how much sleep you had and then the time or proposed time you will drink your coffees. Then voila it will present you with a timeline of your alertness.

4. $150 a cup coffees

Where else but Melbourne? Yep, you read it right! $150 per glass goblet for a Jose Alfredo coffee. This exotic bean costs around $US5000 per kilogram and offers complex floral and fruit flavours with notes of lychee, passion fruit, cognac and cocoa.
5. Cold brews

Cold brew is done by infusing coffee with cold water for long hours to reduce its bitterness and acidity. It is not the same with an iced coffee that is somewhat bitter to the taste. Cold brewing creates a smoother flavor compared to regular coffee thanks to its greater oxidization.

The process does not expose coffee to heat. Instead, it uses the time to extract the caffeine, sugar, and oil of coffee that can reach up to 24 hours. The cold water utilizes a lower extraction rate, which produces a natural sweetness and aromatic flavor. Compared to some other brewing methods, cold brew is a much sweeter version.

6. Instant blends

Believe it or not, instant coffee is on the rise among coffee-lovers all over the country. As the quality of store-bought blends increases, so will demand.



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