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5 ways to impress your colleagues in a virtual meeting

5 ways to impress your colleagues in a virtual meeting

While there are many perks to working from home, there are a number of challenges too.

5 ways to impress your colleagues in a virtual meeting

Particularly the lack of social interaction, as well as decreased opportunities for making an impact on our boss and colleagues.

In this world of working remotely, how we come across during those Zoom meetings will go a long way when it comes to impressing the right people.

Office expert and Office Products Depot CEO Gavin Ward shares his top five home office tips that are sure to impress your co-workers or potential clients.

Accessorise with some new headphones

Dressing to impress in your virtual meeting doesn’t stop with your clothes. A sleek and reliable set of headphones will make you appear more professional. And as Ward explains, they’ll also help you to be more productive during the meeting.

“Your old, tangled, barely-functioning earbuds are not impressing anyone. Not only do they not look professional, they also can cause sound disturbances for everyone else on the call,” says Ward.

“A new set of headphones will transform your working-from-home persona from the person constantly asking everyone to repeat themselves, to the one leading the conversations. Being a beat behind your co-workers due to sound delays is not going to impress.”

Use your pen as a prop

You don’t want to be typing while you’re in a meeting – so you’ll need a good pen at hand to take notes. A stylish pen gives off an air of professionalism, and as Ward explains, doubles as a great prop.

“Body language often says more about your confidence than your words do. So, next time you’re presenting or pitching one of your ideas, flashing around a pen in your hand while you speak will impress your co-workers with your self-assurance.”

Plus, it will let your colleagues know that you are paying attention by noting down the important points of the meeting.

Show you care with a 12-month planner

One of the easiest ways you can impress a colleague is by remembering their birthday. “Next time you jump on to Zoom, let your co-workers know that you miss them and care about them by hanging a 12-month planner on the wall behind you with their birthdays highlighted,” says Ward.

“You won’t only reap the rewards of impressing them when they spot the wall, as their birthdays approach you will know and be able to get organised. A virtual office birthday party is certain to impress your colleagues.”

Start a conversation with your desk accessories

You can subtly draw attention to yourself by having the best-looking desk accessories, and they can act as a conversation starter in case you find yourself in that awkward situation of joining the meeting with only one other person before anyone else shows up!

“A new drink bottle, coffee mug or tea cup is the perfect way to inject some of your personality into your home office,” suggests Ward.

Spin your way to the top

Prove to your bosses that you care about your health and wellbeing by incorporating exercise into your day – without interfering with your work. You could do this with a standing desk, or take it up a notch with a spin desk. “You know those movie character CEOs that impress everyone by walking on the treadmill perfectly positioned in their offices? You can achieve that same look with a spin desk,” says Ward.

“Spin desks are the latest in desk innovation – they allow you to work while exercising – and that is impressive. The Sylex Spin desk is well designed and includes wheels so it can be moved around when not in use.”

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