5 ways to better wellbeing while abroad


5 ways to better wellbeing while abroad

Holidays don’t always have to be ‘all-go’, rather make time for yourself and your own pampering, and you’ll have the holiday you really need, as well as the one you want.

From a relaxing spa session to food to fuel your explorer appetite. With the help of Mulia Bali, we have put together our top tips for taking care of yourself on your next vacation:

Digitally detox

We all know how attached we are to our phones – and how bad they can be for us. Take the opportunity your Out of Office poses by using it as impetus to go cold turkey on your online presence. It doesn’t have to be for the whole holiday (we’re not suggesting you forgo all those Instagram likes), but even a short detox will leave your headspace feeling clearer and you feeling calmer.

Get moving

When we think of sun-soaked holidays, most of us envisage ourselves whiling away the hours on a sun lounger. But as important as that is, you’ll stop that lethargic early-evening lull if you can get moving (just a little!) The endorphins will only serve to put you in an even better mood, and you’ll assuage any post-indulgence guilt.

Treat yourself to a spa session

The closest most of us get to a spa session on a regular basis is using the sauna in our gym. Take this opportunity to really spoil yourself and go all out.

Eat well

We’re not trying to pretend we don’t eat whatever we want whilst on holiday – you’ve earned it, after all. But there’s something to be said for giving your body a break from the carbs and red wine every couple of days. Take care of your body – you might be having a break from normal proceedings, but for your body it’s business as usual, and it still needs all the good stuff. Self-care is full-time!

Get some shut-eye

Holidays are, of course, for making the most of the foreign destination you’ve travelled to, but they’re also for recuperation. Don’t burn the candle at both ends – if you’re out exploring during the day, make sure you make time to recover in the evening – and if you’re exploring in the evening and into the night, make time for a lie in!


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