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5 vending machines we love

5 vending machines we love

Thongs, books, caviar - there are no limits to what you can buy out of a vending machine these days. Here are five of our favourites.

5 vending machines we love

1. Book Vending Machine, Ontario, Canada

Drowning in unread books? Green Reads has an idea: the Canadian vending machine lets you buy a second-hand book for $2, and donate your unwanted books to other readers. Located near train stations and soon, hospitals, the vending machines also donate a portion of proceeds to female literacy and numeracy programs in Africa.

2. Cupcake Vending Machine, NYC

Up to 750 cupcakes are baked daily at New York’s Sprinkles bakery, used to fuel up this adjoining pink vending machine to sell to cake fiends 24/7. Choose from black and white, cinnamon chocolate and daily specials for just $4.25 a pop. Sprinkles cupcake ATMs have been satisfying locals since 2012 and have since popped up in Atlanta, Dallas and Chicago.


3. Havaianas (thongs), Sydney

Sydney-siders know too well the undesirable feeling of clammy feet on a hot summer’s day. Or worse yet, sore toes after a 12-hour stint in heels. Which is why a Havaianas thong vending machine has popped up in the CBD. $20 will let you choose from a variety of sizes and colours for beach-ready tootsies.


4. Bike helmets, Melbourne

To help cyclists remain lawful, one vending machine now stocks bike helmets at Southern Cross Station in the heart of the Victorian capital. $5 buys you one design in three different colours, and protects your brain at the same time.


5. Caviar, Los Angeles

While the thought of fish eggs that come out of a vending machine may not sound appetising, this upscale LA vendor, called Caviar Automated Boutiques (vending machines are so pedestrian, darling), offers varying types of caviar from right across the globe packed in containers, starting at $25 (25 grams) reaching a cool $999.95 (400g).


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