5 Tips For Finding Inner Stillness


5 Top Tips For Finding Inner Stillness and Unwinding
Meditation teacher Tom Cronin, shares his top tips for unwinding, creating inner calm and finding peace.

Meditation teacher and founder of The Stillness Project, Tom Cronin, shares his top tips for creating inner calm and quiet ahead of a large group meditation experience in Sydney this Sunday. Here’s how you can find your inner stillness and unwind.

Find a quiet enclosed room, with as little movement as possible: The least amount of sensory stimulation, the easier it will be to go within. The senses like to explore the world outside of you and the less you have to offer the senses to engage with, the better it is. Some examples would be a small quiet room, a parked car, an empty church etc.

Find a very comfortable chair that has a nice supportive back: Some meditation teachers recommend sitting cross-legged with hands in mudras position which is fine, but for students starting out I recommend sitting in the most comfortable position for you to enable the most relaxed experience.

Spend some time preparing your space: This is not essential but it can help as your body becomes aware of this routine when you get your shawl, light your candle and incense or oil burner. Now you don’t need these items (and we don’t want to get attached to any paraphernalia), but the routine is a nice exercise to become more present and settle into the space.

Start each meditation with about 30 seconds sitting in the chair with your eyes closed: This is like a gentle segway to stimulate the senses into the meditation journey. You could also add two minutes after your meditation with your eyes closed as you come out of the meditation.

Avoid meditation on a full stomach: When we have food in our stomachs, there is an active digestive process taking place. This stimulation will affect your meditation as there is a conflict going on between the de-excitement of the meditation and the stimulation of the digestion. So ideally wait about an hour after eating (or two hours if its a big meal) until you start the meditation process.

Tom Cronin’s Outdoor Meditation is a free event taking place at Barangaroo Park, Sydney, this Sunday 25th March. Visit the event page for more information and to register.


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