5 minutes with naturopath Mim Beim


5 minutes with naturopath Mim Beim
For more than 25 years, Mim Beim has been harnessing the power of nature. We speak to the naturopath about her firm belief in natural remedies.

What inspired you to write Natural Remedies?

Natural Remedies is a re-write of a popular book I wrote 16 years ago called Help Yourself.  Natural Medicine has come a long way in that time, and I have evolved in the way I treat my patients.

To what extent do you think that we can harness mother nature when it comes to remedying sickness and ailments?

A core belief of naturopathy is the idea of a ‘vital force’ within each of us.  This vital force is our innate drive towards wellness. Basically, give the body what it needs in the form of a good diet, sufficient exercise, rest in addition to removing ‘negative’ influences such as excessive stress, sugar, alcohol.. And allow mother nature to heal.

What did the research process entail for this book?

I used a combination of researching recent studies and the extensive literature of herbal and natural supplements and diet, as well as encompassing the last 26 years of my naturopathic practice.

What are some everyday natural ‘vitamins’ remedies that you take for preventative measures?  

Garlic would have to be one of the best natural remedies.  It has antibiotic activity, immune enhancing properties as well as being mucolytic, which means it ‘thins’ mucus, making it easier to expel – basically, a fabulous aid for colds and flus. I also love ginger for its role in improving digestion, as well as its ‘warming’ benefits for circulation.

More and more, we are turning to a combined, holistic approach to healthcare and medicine. Why do you think we are turning more to alternative medicines and practises?

I love working as a team with other practitioners, including doctors, psychologists and body workers.  If practitioners are focuses on the best results for the patient, and are prepared to work collaboratively, then this is the best outcome.

What would you name as some of the shortcomings of traditional medicine?

I believe mainstream medicine is amazing, and offers extraordinary benefits in testing, surgery and certain drugs.  However,  I believe where naturopathic medicine comes into its own is that  ‘grey’ area where blood tests and other medical investigations may reveal nothing is wrong, and yet the patient still feels lousy or has symptoms that are not so easily explained.  I also think that doctors are often pressured in the amount of time they are able to give patients – barely enough time to diagnose and suggest a treatment – let alone talk about dietary and lifestyle changes. The luxury of time, that is often given in naturopathic consultations, means that we can delve into areas of emotions and lifestyle.

Mim Beim’s new book, Natural Remedies: An A-Z of Cures for Health and Wellbeing, is out now through Rockpool Publishing.


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