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5 Minutes with Juliet Blair from Linden Leaves


5 Minutes with Juliet Blair from Linden Leaves
We talk to Juliet Blair about the new Linden Leaves Crystal Crush collection.

We talk to Juliet Blair about the new Linden Leaves Crystal Crush collection.

Can you tell us about the inspiration behind the new Crystal Crush collection?
The beauty and resonance of nature and natural ingredients has always been a defining factor of Linden Leaves products. Evolving from plant-based inspiration to crystals naturally aligned with our philosophy of holistic care, plus they are very inspiring to work with. At Linden Leaves we believe in drawing on the best of nature and science to create products that really deliver – on a physical level and on that more intangible feel-good factor for the soul. Crystals are natural and very, very beautiful, with a resonance, personality and meaning that we feel offer a genuinely positive factor above and beyond the mere physical.

Why are crystals so popular in the beauty world at the moment?
We started working on this concept over a year ago, well before the huge trend for crystals there is now emerged. The current wave took us a little by surprise but in hindsight makes total sense – why wouldn’t the world of beauty want more of crystals? The way they almost glow as they refract the light and their pure geometrical beauty and iridescent colours for starters, along with the meaning and vibrations people find beneficial and balancing…it’s part of the whole wellness and ‘return to nature’ trend sweeping the globe as so many people’s day to day life becomes more and more stressful, toxic and disconnected.

Do you have a favourite product from the range? Why this product?
Personally, I love the Amethyst and Rose Quartz Candles, because I can’t go past a beautifully scented candle. I also like that they are 100% clean burning soy wax. My little one’s favourites are definitely the bath bombs – they love watching them fizz and dissolve and I love how they smell so good before bed! Almost everyone I know will be getting Bon Bons for Christmas this year – they are just so pretty and gifty, and since I’ll be at home with a broken ankle between now and Christmas the fact I don’t even need to wrap them is a big plus!

What’s your advice for someone looking for the perfect Christmas gift?
I love gifting! I’m actually one of those people who loves the whole Christmas season and gift-giving thing. I’m not sure I’m the expert, but I think the best way to find the perfect present is to try to imagine the thing that person would really love but would probably never justify spending on for themselves. I’m ok with choosing practical presents for people who appreciate that and pampering presents for people who should, but don’t. I also think the gesture and consideration of a gift is more important than the actual thing – it’s not about how much you spend, but the love you send along with it.

What are your Linden Leaves picks for Christmas gifting?
What can I say – it depends on who you are buying for! I think one of our huge strengths at Linden Leaves is that we have great gifts to appeal to all ages and stages. Whether you are buying for friends, family or your nearest and dearest, we have lots of options and price points to suit your budget. We have a great range of stocking fillers, from Nourishing Hand Cream at just $9.99 and Christmas Bon Bons for $19.99, right through to luxurious 3 piece gift sets from our very premium 23Kt Gold range for people who really deserve something special. Anything from our new Crystal Crush range, or our brand-new Aromatherapy Synergy Body Oil and Shower Gel gift sets are likely to earn you some brownie points!!

What summer beauty essentials will you be taking away on holiday?
I can’t get through the day in summer without my Miraculous Facial Oil and Essential Facial Moisturiser which I blend together and use morning and evening. I also don’t go anywhere without my Absolute Dreams Body Oil for all over skin nourishment and in the ends of my hair before the beach to stop it getting frazzled. I find our Body Oil is much longer-lasting than lotions and I love that is absorbs quickly without any sticky residue. Lastly, the Herbalist Shampoo, Conditioner and Olive Leaf and Cypress Flowing Soap are a girl’s best friend over the summer hols!



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