5 minutes with Katie Holmes

By Michele Manelis

5 minutes with Katie Holmes
Notoriously tight-lipped actress Katie Holmes speaks candidly to MiNDFOOD about juggling single parenthood, fashion and film.

One of Hollywood’s most elusive and stylish stars, Katie Holmes, lives in a swanky Manhattan apartment with her daughter and fashion icon, 8-year-old Suri.  Notoriously tight-lipped about her personal life, Holmes reveals what we would see if we were able to peek inside her home.

“Well, my closet has too many jeans. I love jeans,” she says.

“I am fortunate, I have nice things, but I tend to repeat a lot and I buy a lot of basics and wear them over and over again.  But I like dresses, I like jackets and I love red, particularly red dresses.  I love colour.  And in my house I like to have a lot of colour in different rooms.  I like bright spaces and I like antiques; I like having pictures on the walls of my family and friends.”

Channeling her inner Martha Stewart, she offers, “I collect dishes.  I know it’s weird, but it’s my thing.  Presumably, it’s because Holmes knows her way around a kitchen? “Well, I cook but not too often, maybe once a week.  But I do like a pretty table. I am the youngest of five with three sisters, and a mum who does amazing tables.  So I appreciate it.”

Holmes, in Los Angeles to promote her upcoming movie, The Giver, has never strayed from her traditional Midwest sensibilities.  “My sisters really inform a lot of who I am and I feel very, very lucky that they are my sisters and they are there for me,” tells the former Dawson’s Creek star.

 Surprisingly sane, Holmes says of her parenting style, “I think that as a mother, I do feel a responsibility to impart some of the things that I’ve learned, but I think it’s also important as a parent to remember that this person is a gift and they are also meant to inform you of some things that you may have forgotten along the way.  So I try not to impose too much of my own experiences, but I try to listen more than talk.

”I try to speak with some level of vocabulary that is of a high level, and I try just to set an example.  But it’s always a daily struggle.”

Holmes seems to have settled in well to her role as single mum, although it is quite a juggling act, as any single parent knows.

“I feel very lucky, I feel really grateful that I’m a mum.  If I start to get stressed, I try to list out all the good things and then I calm down.  That’s how I try to stay balanced.  And I do yoga.  And I don’t meditate yet, because I am like, ‘Do I have five minutes?’  I do, and I have to take that time,” she laughs.

“But thank you for reminding me of that!”


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