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5 Minutes With Joel McHale

5 Minutes With Joel McHale

The deliciously irreverent Joel McHale, host of The Soup, busts a few myths about comedians with us.

5 Minutes With Joel McHale

Starring in horror flick Deliver Us from Evil, as well as TV comedy series Community, McHale talks about what it’s like to be funny.

“It’s a complete fallacy that comedians have to be tortured people. That is just not true because there are all sorts of angst-ridden people who are not funny. Funny people are funny because they’ve been given a God-given talent and of course they have to work at it. If you’re a comedian you will often draw on tough things that have happened in your life but a non-funny person has bad shit to deal with as well and they don’t use comedy to deal with it.”

When did you know you were funny? 

“I think the test for every human as to whether they’re funny or not happens when they’re about 12 months old. They fart, and if they laugh at that, they have a sense of humour. And of course I remember exactly where I was when I first farted … it was after I’d eaten a lot of gassy vegetables one sunny afternoon…”

Now that you’re such a ubiquitous presence on TV with Community and The Soup, are you able to enjoy watching other television shows?

“No. Now I have to watch TV in a squat position, usually in a Pilates pose.  Don’t ask me why.”

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